My essay, Surviving Amsterdam, is one of the 42 pieces in the @kaleidoscopewojo anthology, IN MY SHOES, REFLECTIONS ON WOMEN’S JOURNEYS.

This individual book launch program, generously sponsored by Kaleidoscope Wojo for each author in the book, is indicative of the visibility that this organization gives to emerging women writers. I was thrilled to be joined in the call by my caregivers and dear friends in Amsterdam, and by friends and family here in the States. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

be:longing magazine

One of the chapters from my memoir, THE DICTATOR FLEW OVER OUR HOUSE & OTHER TRUE STORIES, was accepted by the marvelous on-line cultural exchange initiative from Australia, BE:LONGING MAGAZINE.


Here is My Bella Copia.

Aquatic exercise association

And here’s a piece about how being strong helped me survive my Amsterdam illness, and how water exercise has helped me recover. I am indebted to the Aquatic Exercise Association, whose training and certification programs made it possible for me to teach such great people in New York and Florida for so many years! The article appears in the AEA’s membership journal AKWA.


Letters to the editor, The Palm Beach Post

Letter to the editors The Palm Beach Post