November, 1955, Caracas

We really a a lovely anniversary, started out with Bob arriving home with roses for my dress and a cuatro, the local 4-stringed instrument rather like a ukelele that is played by nearly every school girl here. Now we can play duets. fullsizeoutput_b49.jpeg

Wednesday I had to get my batches and batches of rolls made for the Thanksgiving party at the Ambassador’s. Made about 175 in all and it is getting to be old stuff with me now. Bob had to meet a group of visiting congressmen at the airport and to conduct a press conference that night. He came home exhausted as he had been the translator two ways: the congressmen’s English and the press’ Spanish. He did a very good job, I hear. Bob was to accompany the men to an agricultural station on Thursday morning but plans got confused and the plane left without them, which meant he could spend the holiday with us. We went to the [Military Club] pool in the afternoon and then to the open house at the Ambassador’s in the evening. It had rained so the crowd was small: as it was for all North Americans, it could have developed into thousands of people. Met the congressmen: one is from Bob’s district in South Dakota and knows the Amerson family. Another celebrity at the Residence was Justice Black, who is attending some meeting here.