This is Governing

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefing, usually set in the State Capitol in Albany, took place today in Brooklyn, where his message was to encourage New Yorkers to wear a mask and to get tested at one of the 700 sites now available throughout New York State. But, he said, he could not get this message…

Have You Completed the Census?

Pick your language, complete the Census The letter from the Census Bureau came a month ago. The second one came about two weeks later. Both contained the ID number assigned to our address, and the login was a snap. The questions themselves took such a few minutes that I thought I must have missed something…

Embassy Art

Physical independence has expanded my world: from a single bed, to a hospital hallway, to Oosterpark, to Florida my home and neighborhood. Yesterday, my husband and I ventured further than we've been since our return, and, as always, we are the better for this little taste of travel.

After dancing in New York ….

I spent two years in New York City, Victoria. Then came the second summer, in 1952, when I was home in Winona on vacation. The young man who was to become your grandfather and I met again after having been apart for those two years .. and the rest, as they say, in another history.