Goodbye, Homeland. Hello, Sandblast.

A book destined to become a best-seller has just come out. It’s by a friend of mine, Al Pessin, and here’s today’s review by Sharon Geltner in the Palm Beach Arts Paper By Sharon Geltner Goodbye, Homeland. Hello, Sandblast. Showtime’s hit series Homeland ends in May. But covert ops fans can now turn to Sandblast, the first book in an…

The Valentine’s Day Assassination in Afghanistan of Ambassador Spike Dubs

On February 14, 1979, Dubs was kidnapped by armed militants posing as police. The kidnappers demanded the release of the imprisoned leader of their party. Hafizullah Amin’s government refused to negotiate with the militants. Dubs was then assassinated. A successor to Dubs was not named and the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979. The U.S. embassy was finally closed in 1989 as security deteriorated.