International response to the US elections

The American people have spoken, and they have spoken clearly.

The loser in the 2008 presidential election, Republican John McCain, in his concession speech

Trump has topped his autocratic reign with the biggest lie of all: that the presidential election was stolen from him. I have written before about America losing its moral authority as Trump plays at authoritarian. Now, hear what people in other countries are saying, and see what they’re drawing, as they watch the US post-election spectacle.

Africans see themselves

Columnist Nicholas Kristof compares Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus to that of South Africa president Thabo Mbeki, who scorned science, embraced conspiracy theories, gathered and rejected life-saving treatments, costing 300,000 lives to this scourge of AIDS.

We are unfortunately in the same place. Mbeki surrounded himself with sycophants and cost his country hundreds of thousands of lives by ignoring science, and we are suffering the same fate.

In their recent article for Reuters, reporters Loucoumane Coulibaly and Saliou Same write that Africans see the US election turmoil as a messy disgrace.

Trump is setting a bad example for Africa and a country like ours.

Car parts dealer in Guinea

Such a mess is worthy of a banana republic.

Mining executive in Guinea

What we are seeing from Trump is not different from what we have been seeing in African politics. However, it is terrifying to see this in America.

Sales executive in Tanzania

When the US Embassy in Abidjan called for commitment to the rule of law after a disputed election in Ivory Coast one day after the American presidential election, a Twitter user retorted: “I believe the playground response is, why you talking about yourself?!”

New zealand rises above

New Zealand feels like a calm oasis in a chaotic and difficult world.

Jacinta Ardern, recently re-elected prime minister

Russia enjoys the chaos

The result of the elections is the worst outcome for America. Let’s stock up on large quantities of popcorn.

Pro-Kremlin Russian lawmaker Vyacheslav Nikonov

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