Three Things You Can Do to Support Our Election

The Democrats are trying to rig this election because it’s the only way they are going to win.

Donald Trump

That an American president should be allowed to speak like this — unchallenged by others in his party — creating mistrust, manufacturing conflict, challenging the basic rite of our democracy, the vote.

Electoral legitimacy is the essential linchpin of our entire political culture.

Dan Coats, former Trump director of national intelligence

In proposing that Congress create a bipartisan election commission to oversee the November 3 election, Dan Coates has equated the fragility of our political system to that of emerging democracies, societies that rely on international observers to secure the electoral process.

Consider that former president Jimmy Carter’s Carter Center “seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.” The Carter Center has observed 119 elections in 36 countries. That America should be in a position to qualify for such oversight is unthinkable. That the current president is the source of of problem is scandalous.

Election oversight is what America — with American volunteers — provides to other countries, isn’t it?

The National Democratic Institute, a non-profit doing election oversight around the globe, works to establish and strengthen political and civic organizations, safeguard elections, and promote citizen participation, openness and accountability in government. NDI sponsored election commissions have reported on elections in Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Nigeria. We used to export omocracy expertise. It’s time we all took a lesson here.

Brett Bruen, opinion writer for Business Insider, was a American diplomat in Africa, where, he worked to defend democracy and secure elections.

It never occurred to me that the lessons I learned in combating conspiracies and ensuring free elections might one day be applied in my home country … Over the past few months, Trump has used the tactics of despots to try and undermine faith in our upcoming election … Our democracy is now under an unprecedented assault.

Brett Bruen, Business Insider

Bruen draws on his diplomatic expertise to suggest three simple but persuasive ways that we can stand up for our electoral system.

Be Present

Be present when you vote. Let yourself be visible. Let folks know when you vote in person, or when you request/receive/complete/mail in your paper ballot. Be on social media. Catch yourself doing the right thing.

Educate Others

Educate others. Let friends, family, community know how to access a mail-in ballot, and what the facts are about mail-in ballots. If you plan to drop off your complete/signed/sealed paper ballot, reach out to your family, friends, community to do the same for them.

Quell Rumors

Quell rumors. Speak up. Don’t let the loudest voice in the country dominate. Call a lie a lie. Just say no.

If we cannot find common ground now, on this core issue at the very heart of our endangered system, we never will.

Dan coats, former Trump director of national intelligence

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