I am spitting mad that the people making decisions for Americans — in the government, who we have elected to help us live our lives — are opening the doors to the resumption of economic activity without knowing — through widespread community testing and contact tracing, none of which are even discussed — what we are likely to face. Remember that trust exercise in which one person is blindfolded and told to fall back into the arms of others? It’s like that, only this time everyone is blindfolded.

The callous disregard is rending our county, our state, our country into shreds.

Do you honestly think that the governor would take the risk with the health of the entire state by opening hair salons and nail salons without any scientific input?

Hal Valeche, Palm Beach County Commissioner

We are at risk of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory here.

Lake Worth Beach Commissioner Omari Hardy

Send more people back to job sites, restaurants and retail stores before we have a proper handle on things, i.e. testing and will get sick more people will die.

The Palm Beach Post Editorial Board

This is state-sanctioned killing. It is deliberately sacrificing the old, factory workers, and black and Hispanic Americans, who are dying at higher rates.

Dana Milbank, The Washington Post

Trump gets protection from others [wearing masks] but will not protect them in return [by wearing a mask] for utterly selfish reasons. No single action better captures Trump’s narcissism.

Jennifer Rubin, The Washington Post

Nobody is blaming me.

Donald J. Trump
Cover, The New Yorker Magazine

Yeah, people are blaming you. Lots of people. As you like to say, “many people“ are saying this.

You are so far over your head, and you’re taking our country down. You need to go.

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