It can all seem so meaningless. Some random biological mutation sweeps across the globe, murdering thousands, lacerating families and pulverizing dreams.

David Brooks, NYT

Like a science fiction movie in which the virus turns its victims into zombies.

The plague today is an invisible monster, but it gives birth to a better world.

David Brooks, NYT

In his daily briefings about the coronavirus in New York State, Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks sweetly about the long, unhurried conversations he’s having with his daughters and his mother. Take advantage of having time, he says.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Already, there’s a new energy coming into the world. The paradigmatic image of this crisis is all those online images of people finding ways to sing and dance together across distance.

David Brooks, NYT
The Norton Museum do-it-yourself painting a la Jackson Pollock

In Palm Beach County, where I live, cultural organizations are using social media to connect with and grow patrons. The Norton Museum (#NortonFromHome)challenges us to create art a la Jackson Pollock and Joan Miro. The student and faculty art show at the Armory Art Center that was ready to launch just as the coronavirus shut them down is available for virtual viewing here.

A winning entry in the Armory Art Center exhibit

Already, there’s a shift in values coming to the world. We’re forced to be intentional about keeping up our human connections.

David Brooks, NYT

Yesterday, my sister in Colorado and my daughter in Gainesville and I joined cousins in Minnesota and Oregon in a relaxed chat on Zoom, the easy-to-use video app that is the pandemic’s social connection savior. We saw each other’s kids and dogs and compared notes on how we’re all doing. We no longer have to wait for the grownups to organize a summertime reunion. Oh, wait, WE are the grownups! Sign up!

There’s a new introspection coming into the world as well. Everybody I talk to seems eager to have deeper conversations. So, yes, this is a very meaningful moment. As it is this very meaning that will inspire us and hold us together as things get worse. Meaning is a vital medication for the soul.

David Brooks, NYT


Norton Museum yarn rendition of a Joao Miro piece

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