Bogotá, Colombia                                                                         November, 1964

When my mother wrote this to her parents, we’d been in Bogotá for a year, and Dad was the Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy and Director of the United States Information Service program in Colombia. We got our brindle boxer not long after we arrived from Dad’s previous job in Rome, and so named him Caesar Augustus…..

IMG_3933I’ve just come in from a long but productive meeting on our day nursery with the Ambassador’s wife and two other women who are very interested, to the point of really doing some work on it. We talked a long time and really feel, for the first time in weeks, that we will make progress on the remaining problems like the schedule of activities and the part that the volunteer help can take on. Mrs. Oliver [wife of Ambassador Covey Oliver] is very down to earth and has good workable ideas from her years of working on this kind of thing.

GIFTS FOR POOR CHILDREN: Mrs. Nancy Amerson, wife of the USIS Director, gives presents from a group of 25 volunteers that help the children’s nursery of Barrio Boyacá.

Tonight is a fancy reception — one of the boring kind — at the Foreign Ministry, for the Venezuelan Foreign Minister. Always a crush of people, but few we know. Then three free nights, whee! May even see a movie.

Must stop now and go meet the kids. They get off at the little triangular store but this driver will not leave them is they are not met [La Violencia included kidnapping]. Will take the dog. The girls adore Caesar.

Susan, Jane, and Caesar Augustus

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