Our Mediterranean journey was nearing its end and it seemed impossible to find even more beauty in a landscape and generosity among a people … but our full day in Provençe was another over-the-top experience. Here is how it began:

DSCN3619 2

We disembarked at the port of Toulon under a deep blue sky against which threw the white stone buildings and exotic palm trees in high relief….

… and then headed up into the hills, past cypress, olive orchards, vineyards and villas…


… to the timeless village of Le Castellet ….

The municipal buildings were constructed from the same stone as the walls and the streets. The town hall announced:  liberte, egalite, fraternite…. DSCN3575

..even the telecom building was quaint, and lovely flowers framed the town jail.

DSCN3581But there was more to experience, so back down the hills we went to Sanary sur Mer. Lunch was fine. And the village waterfront was even finer.



All this, plus the Provençe lavender soap offered by artisans at the port made for a luscious day, gone too fast.

And we were on to our final port, but not without a linger look back at the rocky coast.

DSCN3616  A bientot!

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